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Terms and Conditions



1a. As soon as you have registered for (dance of fitness) classes, a workshop, a bootcamp or private lessons, you are obliged to pay for the full course fee / the costs, unless the registration is annulled within 7 days after registration.
In case you have registered at a moment when a course has already begun, annullment is possible within 5 days after registration.
Annullment can be granted only by sending a registered letter or email (legitimate only when an acknowledgement email of Danscentrum Salséros has been received and can be demonstrated)!
A verbal request for annullment or by phone call is NOT legitimate!
1b. As a registered member you are obliged to pay the tuition fees of the partner you have signed up for. In case the partner fails to attend to classes, you will be held accountable for payment of the full course fee.
1c. After signing up through the website, you will immediately receive an acknowledgement email automatically on the email address you have registered. You must click on the “confirm” link in the email to confirm receiving the acknowledgement email.
If you did not receive an acknowledgement email, you have to report this by sending an email to Danscentrum Salséros within 1 day!
Once Danscentrum Salséros has sent you an acknowledgement email, you will not receive any other confirmation email.
As soon as we have received your registration, you are immediately inscribed, even when you did not receive an acknowledgement email from Danscentrum Salséros.
1d. An inscription form can only be filled up to register for a course and NOT for a free try-out lesson.
2a. Please make sure the payment of the course fee is in time (at the latest on the day of the last lesson) in order to prevent unnecessary extra costs.
When we have not received the payment of your tuition fee in time, we will send a reminder and / or an urge to pay.
With a second reminder to pay (5 days after the first reminder), you will be charged with an extra   € 20,- for administration.
If the payment due has still not been received, we will be obliged to notify the debt collection agency “Vesting Finance”, with which you will be charged an extra fee with the minimum amount of € 50,-.
2b. After the first reminder to pay any possible discount (such as “Ooievaarspas”, “Rotterdam Pas” etc.) will cease to be valid and you will be charged for the full tuition fee.
2c. Even if you did not receive an acknowledgement email, you will be obliged to pay.
Likewise, if you did not confirm the receipt of the acknowledgement email, you will still be obliged to pay for the tuition in the full.
3. Danscentrum Salséros reserves the right to change / hire substitute teachers during the course or at the beginning of a new course, in order to take care of the ongoing or new dance class lessons. It is not possible to cancel a course due to a change in teachers. to be refunded.
4. If for any reason after registration you can not join the dance- or fitness classes, workshop, bootcamp or private lessons, (even under cirumstances beyond your control such as illness etc.), a (down) payment expires and is not to be refunded.
5. Quitting a course before the end of the course for any reason possible (even under circumstances beyond your control such as illness etc.) will not result in restitution, settlement or extension of payment. Even if you were not able to attend to 1 single lesson or to no lesson at all, restitution, settlement or extension of payment cannot be considered. It is not possible to compensate for any missed lesson. Neither by catching up nor by settlement in a next course.
6. When Dansentrum Salséros cancels a course, restitution of the course fee takes place.
7. In case you take a catch-up lesson without partner, we cannot guarantee it is possible for you to dance with a partner during the whole lesson.
8. You can take a free catch-up dance class lesson, if there is any possibility for it. When for exemple a dance class is only given once a week on one specific location, there is no possibility to catch up for the missed lesson. It is not possible to compensate or catch up on missed lessons in a next course. When there is no possibility to catch up on missed lessons, compensation consequently cannot be considered.
9. Members who want to catch up on a missed lesson with their dance partner, don not have to mention this in particular.
10. In case you attend a lesson without dance partner, we cannot guarantee you will dance with a partner during the whole lesson.
When there is a shortage of dance partners, partners might be changed.
11. It is not allowed to make film / video recordings during the lessons, except with the permission of the teacher.
12. Salséros shall not be held reliable for loss of, or damage to jackets or any other property of any person or persons attending / visiting our school. Be careful not te leave valuables in the wardrobe.
13. Before you register for a dance or fitness class, please consult your physician / medical specialist to make sure that participation to one or more of our courses is well-advised.
14. Salséros shall not be held reliable for personal discomfort / injuries of whatsoever kind to any member / visitor of our dance school; prior, during or after a dance class or dance evening in any of our locations.
15. Salséros reserves the right to refuse admittance to any person or persons attending our dance school or dance evening, on our own terms.
16. Occasionally photos are taken or video recordings are made on our dance evenings or in our dance classes. We reserve the right to pulish these photos or videos on our or other websites and to also make use of them for promotional activities, without specific permission.
Salséros reserves the right to sell the video recordings on dvd!
17.The management of Danscentrum Salséros is not liable for any personal commitment, made by teachers or other members of the Salséros staff, unless they are consented in writing, containing a qualified signature of a member of the Salséros management or a Salséros School stamp.
18. It is not permitted to bring along beverages to classes or dance evenings, by class members or visitors. If after an initial warning this actually does take place, the person or persons involved can be refused to participate in the dance class or dance evening. In case of a 2nd misbehavior the person or persons involved will be refused admittance to the dance school. No (partial) restitution of course fee is to be considered.
19. No person under the age of 16 will be served with alcohol and to persons under the age of 18 no strong alcoholic beverages will be served.
If there is any doubt as to the age of someone, then he / she is obliged to provide valid identification.
20. Peronal hygiene is highly appreciated. It is very important that you wear clean clothes and smell fresh to classes. Salsa, Merengue and especially Zouk are close partner dances. Therefore an unfresh odour is rather uncomfortable for the partner.
To prevent that someone can guess what the other person ate, we have breathe mints in some of our locations.
21. Salséros is highly committed to the protection of privacy. All personal information you have supplied us with, will be kept strictly confidential and will never be revealed to any third party. Therefore we ask our class members not to give phone numbers or email addresses to Salséros teachers. Personal information is already registered by Salséros and can consequently be referred to!
22. Danscentrum Salseros reserves the right to move the danceclasses to another location in The Hague, if there are circumstances that make it necessary.
Cancellation of a course for this reason is not possible.
23. When you have registered for a dance course, your email address will be automatically be added to our mailing list. As a result you will automatically receive our Newsletter. In case you are not interested, you can sign off for our Newsletter!
24. Please notify the administration about any change of address.


25. If following an action free dance shoes are given away, the action is only valid while stocks last. The shoes are provided in the condition they are. There may be slight damage to these shoes. Repair costs are for the recipient of the shoes.